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Action Movies

Action movies can really get your heart pumping and to be able to watch free action movies online is great resources. Imagine being able to sit at home and watch free movies when you want any time of the day or night and without any lock-in contracts and without a cent to spend! It is possible. Some of the great b-grade action movies you can watch for free online are –

Almighty Thor – This movie is an action packed fantasy-adventure film that was released in 2011 and is a *mockbuster* that was made at the time to coincide with the release of the Marvel Studios film THOR. Only our young hero Thor (played by Cody Deal) can save the city of Valhalla destroyed by the demon god Loki (Played by Richard Grieco). Loki has stolen the hammer of invincibility and when Thor’s older brother and father are killed trying to retrieve the hammer Thor and Jarnsaxa (Played by Patricia Velasquez) – who has to train young Thor to fight Loki, embark on a journey to collect a sword and shield so he can face Loki in one final battle. When it looks like Thor is to be defeated he must rise up, save the city and reclaim the hammer of invincibility from Loki once and for all.

2012 Ice Age – Is a classic b-grade disaster-action movie revolving around a range of volcanoes that have erupted which has caused a 200 mile long ice shelf to break apart. This rogue glacier is now travelling at high speed and heading towards the east coast of North America bringing with it giant hail and snow. The Air Force attempts to break it apart but to no avail. The story also centers on Bill (played by Patrick Labyorteaux) and his family and how they survive the impending doom. The Glacier destroys Boston Massachusetts and is now headed to New York and the Statue of Liberty – can it be stopped in time?

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